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Starter for one - Roleplay

New to BDSM? Start with Role Play.

When you get more into the BDSM community and you start meeting people who are what are called lifestylers and you meet people who are in 24/7 power exchange relationships you will find people who debate whether or not it's all role play. Is it fantasy? Is it's real or is it all make-believe? And that's a whole other conversation. But regardless of what you're interested in doing in BDSM = if you're masochist a sadist, a pet a little or anything like that, a great foundation to start with is trying out role play because it's something that a lot of people already do during intimate activities with their partner. 

It's very accessible, it is very easy to find things for you can do. Anything from nurse-doctor role play or nurse-patient role play, pet-owner role play, age play, all sorts of different things. It can be anything, anything that you can think of! Teacher, professor, soccer coach, anything can be something that you roleplay because really what role play is is just pretending to be something that you're not. It can seem cheesy and it can seem kind of tired and played out. 

Just pick up some simple props. You can take a trip to the Halloween store; try going when everything is on sale immediately following Halloween, and just pick up a bunch of different stuff to play with and see what kind of feels right to you. For some people who are interested in BDSM but are nervous, and nervous about the way that it might affect their identity or their personal life, or their relationship with a partner, temporarily stepping into a role even just a very casual costume based role play, can be something that's very securing. It can help somebody make the transition between sort of normal vanilla life into more of a BDSM headspace. 

And as you get more into BDSM you may find that adopting some of these head spaces, some of these different forms of role play, is very helpful to get into the sorts of feelings that you enjoy most about participating in BDSM. It's a relatively low risk if you're just playing a role you can take the costumes off anytime that you want.

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