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Starter for one - Sensation play

New to BDSM? Start with Sensation play.

For people who are new to BDSM try sensation play. Sensation play is a favorite type of play in BDSM because there's so many different sensations that you can play with; hearing, smell, taste, touch, all of that can be used to enhance intimacy and to start exploring you and your partner's bodies in a new way. And it's very accessible. You're not gonna have to go and spend $300 on a bondage set to be able to do anything we are going to be recommending, so just look around your house. A feather duster, that totally works! Ice cubes you bet! The back of a cold spoon - awesome! Just look around and see what different textures and different smells, different things you just have around the house that maybe you've never really thought of before and maybe you caress them over your partner's back or you rub their lips against a cold ice cube or maybe you stroke the back of their neck with a feather or maybe their sides you see if they're a little bit ticklish...

It's really just a good way to practice building intimacy and trust as a baseline for a BDSM relationship in a way that's very non-intimidating and non-threatening because not only is it accessible financially but it's not gonna be something that's gonna leave you with bruises. It's not probably gonna be painful, it's something relatively easy to recover from. Unless you're accidentally using something that your partner is allergic to. 

You're relatively safe in terms of causing any sort of long-term mental damage to your partner if you're just doing something like simple sensation play. Also it's something can build on, something you can take with you when you start experimenting more with pain play, when you start experimenting more with sensory deprivation, all of those things are really great.

You can definitely also incorporate sensory deprivation specifically into this. Something like ear plugs work great; very simple. easy to find. A very simple sleep mask for a blindfold, you don't need to buy anything specifically BDSM related just a simple sleep mask will work. Very easy to take off and it provides your partner with a way to enhance their experiences of the sensation because part of their senses are being blocked off which is making the sense of touch or whatever senses are remaining more intense.


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