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Starter for one - Velcro

New to BDSM? Start with Velcro restraints.

This is a number one recommendation for anybody who expresses interest in bondage of any kind. The first step that you should take before you invest in all the other material is Velcro restraints.

There's a couple of reasons. Number one is they're cheap and easy to find if you go on Amazon. If you go to even most vanilla sex toy stores you are going to be able to find Velcro restraints of some kind be they just things for around the wrists and stuff around the ankles sometimes you can even find like a full-body suit made out of Velcro restraints. 

The one kind you would stay away from is the sort where it goes around the neck and the Velcro is in the back because that can cause pressure and in a panic situation it can be hard to take off the Velcro. 

But in general Velcro is safe. It's very easy to take off. A lot of people who are new to BDSM don't realize exactly what the feeling of being restrained is going to do to them or their partner mentally and it can seem really hot in theory, and then suddenly you get into it and you panic and the reason why while Velcro restraints are good is that it's easy to take off. You can take it off, a partner can take it off. If something happens you don't have to fumble around for keys. If a paramedic or neighbor stops by they're not gonna have any trouble undoing you if it's an emergency situation. Velcro restraints are comfortable and they're also cheap so it's a really good way to get the feeling of bondage without making a big investment.  You're not risking something cutting into the skin like handcuffs and they're just really good all-purpose all-around tools that you can keep in your tool bag for BDSM as you continue to grow in your kinky journey.


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