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Yes, I live with my BDSM partner. - 0%
No, I don't live with my BSM partner - 0%
I don't have a BDSM partner. - 100%
10 days ago
New to BDSM? Start with Roleplay. When you get more into the BDSM community and you start meeting people who are what are called lifestylers and you meet people who are in 24/7 power exchange relationships you will find people who debate whether or not it's all roleplay. Is it fantasy? Is it's real …
13 days ago
Many scenes per week - 0%
One scene a week - 0%
Some scenes per month - 0%
One scene a month - 0%
Some scenes per year - 0%
About a scene per year - 0%
A scene every few years - 0%
Never, I am just curious - 100%
13 days ago
Very secret and nobody's business. - 66.7%
Only a select few people know about my BDSM. - 33.3%
Many know about it. I don't advertise it, but I don't hide it. - 0%
I want all the world to know about my love of BDSM. - 0%
Just curious / I am not in the lifesty - 0%
New to BDSM? Start with Spanking. Spanking is the quintessential form of impact play in BDSM. Rarely will you find somebody who bottoms to pain play who has never tried spanking before. It's relatively easy, it's accessible. It just uses your hands. It's not that complicated and it's a lot more intu…
Very important to me - 25%
Average importance - 0%
Not important, it doesn't really matter to me - 75%
This depends on the specific experience - 0%
I have no opinion / not applicable to me / I am just curious - 0%
New to BDSM? Start with Sensation play. For people who are new to BDSM try sensation play. Sensation play is a favorite type of play in BDSM because there's so many different sensations that you can play with; hearing, smell, taste, touch, all of that can be used to enhance intimacy and to start exp…
New to BDSM? Start with Velcro restraints. This is a number one recommendation for anybody who expresses interest in bondage of any kind. The first step that you should take before you invest in all the other material is Velcro restraints. There's a couple of reasons. Number one is they're cheap and…
BDSM is not sex, no sex play in a scene - 25%
I like a bit of sex in a scene (oral for instance) - 25%
BDSM and sex go together (full intercourse) - 50%
Just curious / no opinion - 0%
A long term relationship - 60%
A short term relationship (one night's stand) - 20%
Something in between a long term relationship and a one off scene - 20%
Just curious (not looking for a BDSM relationship) - 0%
This group is for people who live in Edinburgh
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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
I use my imagination - 28.6%
I use stories taken from the internet - 14.3%
I use my erotic fantasies - 0%
Spur of the moment, no preparation at all - 14.3%
I decide after discussion with my partner - 0%
I have a detailed program for my submissive - 42.9%
I always have difficulties to decide - 0%
Not applicable (I don't play / I am a slave / its not my call etc) - 0%
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