How can I get seen more?

Being seen more is key to finding a play pal. Here are five things you can do to enhance your profile:

1. Complete your profile fully. Partially complete profiles make people think you are in too much of a hurry to register, but you are not interested in sharing your information. Like a bot or a findomme. A complete profile tells people you are committed to investing time and care in finding a playmate.

2. Be sociable, be active and make friends onsite. This will help you get member verified, adding to your profiles credibility. Also it will gain you points....

3. Gain or buy points, and so improve your position on the points leader board. 

4. Sign up for premium membership which shows you are serious and also unlocks features for you.

5. Get your profile featured in the Featured Members box to be seen at the top of most pages. 



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