How do you prevent fake profiles?


Security is just a matter of time, effort and dedication Anyone can break into a safe, even the most secure safe if they have the requisite resources, including patience. The task of the security officers is to make the effort hard so as to deter chancers. Also to make the invasion so lengthy as to catch the perpetrators in the act, or to deny them a window of opportunity.

Here is what we have done so far to frustrate chancers:

1 - only real people can register. We sincerely doubt registration can be done without the intervention of a real person.

2 - we have a member and activity based points system so you know that the more points a person has, the more likely they are to be genuine.

3 - we have a "verified by members" system whereby a profile receives a check mark against their profile if enough members endorse their profile is genuine. This crowd sourcing of verification is not infallible, but it does present a challenge bots and faikers, while at the same time it presents natural reinforcement for real profiles.

4 - we also provide at almost every opportunity, the facility for members to rate things - profiles, posts, forum posts, feedback etc.

5 - we grant the opportunity for members to pay for Premium membership. 

6 - we analyse behavior and cull profiles. For example, people who do not log in at all for a week after their first registration get their profile deleted. Profiles showing zero activity for 9 months are deleted.

7 - we delete profiles of obvious or reported findommes. 



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