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Starter for one - Spanking

New to BDSM? Start with Spanking.

Spanking is the quintessential form of impact play in BDSM. Rarely will you find somebody who bottoms to pain play who has never tried spanking before. It's relatively easy, it's accessible. It just uses your hands. It's not that complicated and it's a lot more intuitive than other forms of impact play like a caning or a flogging coz again, you're just using your hands. 

What you really need to be mindful of when you're spanking is how much force you're using and the exact locations where you're hitting. You can't just go and smack as hard as you can! Please do not do that! Please use some thought process when you are going to be slapping at a partner. It is generally something that's done on the actual bottom itself, not done like above on the tailbone. Avoid the bone maybe a little bit on the very very upper thigh but keep it till the actual like meat of the bottom. Just play it safe and listen to your partner's responses. Get constant feedback. 

Just go slow. Don't move your hand like super far back from the body, just kind of almost like you're tapping. 

It's kind of a good way to start even, and you can vary the shape of your hand so maybe it's curved around the shape of the bottom, or completely flat, or your fingers are spread,. Or maybe you're wearing gloves. Or your partner is wearing panties or full clothes.

There are also plenty ways you can play with the intensity and the sensation but it's really up to you and your partner to kind of get feedback and see what feels right.  This is not really something you need to take classes on. Just to kind of get a sense of how it works. 

If you want, read more about spanking and get kind of more insight into actual spanking techniques. This is just a general overview what spanking is this is not a tutorial. 

The lovers Guide to spanking is an amazing guide to all things related to spanking and caning if you want to learn more.

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